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Maharashtra State Board Class 11 Information Technology Practicals Skill Set 5 Digital Content Creation (GIMP, Inkscape)

SOP 1: Use of Toolbox and edit an image using GIMP.

  • Create an image by using Toolbox controls from GIMP.
  • Insert the image in an already created image.

Step 1: Click GIMP Image Editor

Step 2: Create a blank New image
File → New (Ctrl + N)

Step 3: Change the foreground and background colour uses the Blend Tool.

Step 4: We will create a kid’s cap using toolbox controls.

Step 5: Draw colour oval (Ellipse). Change the background colour and foreground colours with three different Ellipse(oval) . Create a layer for each and every Ellipse.

Step 6: To add text, you’ll need to access your “Text Tool”. You can find your Text Tool in your Toolbox window.

Step 7: To make this image visible to people larger, select your “Scale Tool” from your Toolbox window.

Step 8: To save your image select Export as, select proper type, and click on export.

Step 9: Insert the image in an already created image.
Click on File → Open → Image → As Layer.
Move the image to the desired location and merge to the original image.

Maharashtra Board Class 11 Information Technology Practicals Skill Set 5 Digital Content Creation (GIMP, Inkscape)

SOP 2: Use GIMP for the following.

  • Create a new image
  • Put your name using the text tool.
  • Use various filters to make a logo of your name.
  • Auto crop image to text size.

Use of Toolbox and editing an image using GIMP.
Create an image by using Toolbox controls from GIMP.

Step 1: click on the GIMP image Editor icon

Step 2: Create blank image File → Text document (Ctrl+N)

Step 3: Creates balloon image having very attractive colours using toolbox controls.

Step 4: Now change the foreground and background colour using the Blend tool (shot cut L). Drag the mouse from left to right on your canvas after release the mouse canvas will be filled by the gradient of foreground and background colour.

Step 5: Next click on the Text Tool (Short cut T)

Step 6: Using the Move tool, we can move the text roughly to the center of the image but instead we prefer to put it precisely in the center using the Align tool. Click on align tool (Short cut Q) and then select the text Layer and text.

Step 7: Drawing coloured oval (Ellipse). Change the background and foreground colours again with two different colours. We have to choose red and yellow colour respectively.

Step 8: Using the move tool place these ovals near the text. Select the layers one by one and merge them.
Layer → Merge Down. Now we have colourful single layer. Let us create a ballon from the canvas.

Step 9: Do Filters → Map → Map Object. Check ‘Update preview live’ and uncheck the ‘Transparent Background’.

Step 10: We will tweak the balloon further and give it a more realistic shape. Apply the Distort Filter with curve Bend option, i.e, Filter → Distort → Curve Bend. In the resulting dialog choose automatic preview and Lower curve border. Then drag the Mid Point of the Curve Indicator line using the mouse.

SOP 3: Use Inkscape for the following.

  • Draw a simple landscape using basic geometric shapes.
  • Use gradient tool for the same.

Step 1: Select the tool button from the left toolbar showing the circle icon.

Step 2: Drag it with the mouse to any place in the client area. You will get an ellipse. To get the exact shape, press the CTRL key while dragging.

Step 3: After the ellipse is complete choose the selection tool from the left toolbar, then click on the ellipse, it will show 8 size handles. You can resize it by dragging those handles.

Step 4: To fill the ellipse with color, just click on any color given in the bottom color palette. Also, you can click on Menu object → Fill and stroke. It will give RGB color options, you can use any combinations from it.

Maharashtra Board Class 11 Information Technology Practicals Skill Set 5 Digital Content Creation (GIMP, Inkscape)

SOP 4: Use Inkscape for the following.

  • Load an Id size image,
  • Make 12 copies of it.
  • Arrange in 4 rows × 3 columns on an A4 size page.

Step 1: Open Inkscape Vector Graphics Editor.

Step 2: File → New (Ctrl +N). Now Click on Document properties and select paper size A4.

Step 3: Import a bitmap or Svg Image into this document (Ctrl+l)

Step 4: Create 12 copies of it (4 rows and 3 columns) Create duplicate (Ctrl + D) images and set them in the proper grid.

Step 5. Arrange in 4 rows and 3 columns on an A4 size page.

SOP 5: Use Inkscape for the following.

  • You are starting a new business.
  • Create an advertisement to be published in a local newspaper promoting your product or services.
  • Size should be 210 × 210 mm.
  • Create your own visiting card using Inkscape.

Steps to create advertisement:

Step 1: Choose a distinctive font and type some articles.

Step 2: Resize the text and press the long CTRL key to preserve the aspect ratio.

Step 3: Then outset it (Path → Outset)

Step 4: Change the color and resize down to the size.

Step 5: Now duplicate the text for the border.

Step 6: Color the duplicate temporarily in any random, non-white color (we need to see it over the white background) and move it under the initial text.

Step 7: Apply the outset effect (no need to resize this time, we are working on a rough border) and make it white.

Step 8: Duplicate the white border and make the duplicate black.

Step 9: Move the black duplicate at the bottom of the stack and shift it one or two pixels down and to the left for a drop shadow effect.

Step 10: Open the “Fill and Stroke” dialog and add a bit of Gaussian Blur and decrease the opacity.

Step 11: Post your finished work.

Steps to Create Visiting Card:

Step 1: To create a new empty document, use File → New → Default or press Ctrl+N.
To use File → New → Templates… or press Ctrl+Alt+N

Step 2: To click on document properties (Shift+Ctrl=D) and select Business card paper size.

Step 3: Click on the text menu and select Align and Distribute to align the card.

Step 4: Use the snap to the page border tool and Drag the Rectangles on the card.

Step 5: Specify the Height and width in inches. Width=3.75 Height=2.25

Step 6: Select the rectangle → Open Fill and stroke Toolbar → select linear gradient tool to show a border. Align the content.

Step 7: Set the ruler position.

Step 8: Create Layers. Now Draw the Circle on the card and set the fill and stroke properties.

Step 9: Change the object colour and create a duplicate object (ctrl+D)

Step 10: Select both objects → to go to the path menu → select difference. Now Select the Second object → to create duplicated object → change the object colour.

Step 11: Select Second duplicate Object → path → select difference → select flip selected object.
Select Edit Text Object Control → Type your Name, your website, Email ID, Phone in one, and Insert Logo.

Maharashtra Board Class 11 Information Technology Practicals Skill Set 5 Digital Content Creation (GIMP, Inkscape)

SOP 6: Using Inkscape make the following picture.
Maharashtra Board Class 11 Information Technology Practicals Skill Set 5 Digital Content Creation (GIMP, Inkscape) SOP 6
Step 1: Open Inkscape Vector Graphics Editor File → New

Step 2: Select Circles, Ellipses to create circles.

Step 3: Change the colours of the object. Use Draw freehand line tool.

Step 4: For the middle body, again click on the ellipse, select white color and click and drag on the place you want.

Step 5: For Head again choose ellipse tool ALT + CTRL to create a perfect circle, resize it and drag it on the proper place.

Step 6: For eyes, zoom in and choose the circle tool, select the proper color, press ALT+CTRL to resize it, and choose another circle, set black color, and draw a circle inside it.

Step 7: Press CTRL+D to make a duplicate and place it on another side.

Step 8: Create Hands. Create duplicate images → path → differences.

Step 9: Create legs using star tools → merge all starts → path → union.